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Poker Analyzer is an advanced equity calculator that helps you deeply analyze your poker game on the go. 

Utilize the Equity distribution and Hand distribution graphs to take your poker game to the next level.

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Feature 1

Equity distribution

Equity distribution is a concept essential for modern poker playing. It shows how the equity is distributed throughout different hands in a range. In Poker Analyzer, the equity distribution section consists of a line graph and a table containing all the possible hands listed in order of their equity. These data visually shows whether you have a capped range and helps you determine when and how much you bet.

Feature 2

Hand distribution

The Hand distribution feature gives information of each range hand (AKs, T6o, etc.) inside a range. The grid and the stats bars work together to provide a visual overview of the distribution of each hand rank (Full house, quads, etc.) throughout the range. By toggling the percentage switch, you can also display the equity that each range hand has. Each player’s range could be edited in real-time.

List of features

Equity calculator

Calculate equity of hand/range vs opponent

Show equity of each hand

Calculate equity of each hand inside the range vs opponent

Equity distribution graph

Intuitive graph that shows equity distribution for up to 6 players

Hand distribution grid

Editable hand distribution grid that shows detail of each range hand

Custom range preset

Save and load your own custom range.

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